Catholic School Awaken Greatness

Built On a
Foundation of Faith

At Catholic school, faith isn't just a part of our curriculum, it is the reason for our existence and the foundation for everything we do and say. Faith is integrated into all subjects. It is found on playing fields, taught through service trips and realized in daily interactions students have with the caring adults that are present to guide them. Faith is core to our culture, and our staff is committed to growing students' faith by educating them on Catholic Church teachings and living according to the principles Jesus taught.

Faith is a daily, integral part of your child’s education. At Catholic school, we:

  • Follow the teachings of Jesus and strive to live in his likeness
  • Encourage all students to develop a personal relationship with Christ, a relationship that will grow and serve them in times of joy and in times of need
  • Seek intellectual excellence and academic achievement
  • Demonstrate morality, respect, compassion and love for the world in which we live
  • Instill a sense of service and commitment to make the communities we serve better

We believe it is our duty to educate young people in Christ's teachings so that their God-given gifts can be awakened, developed and shared with the world.

Welcoming to All

While we are a Catholic school system, we welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds into our schools. In fact, nearly 1,500 students across our 70 schools are non-Catholic.

Catholic school has long welcomed and educated students of many different faiths. Our goal is not to convert non-Catholic students to the Catholic faith, yet our culture, one which emphasizes morals, values, discipline, respect and faith is one many families recognize as important in the educational process. Education, now more than ever, must consist of more than just test scores and imparting academic knowledge. Students of any faith will realize that Catholic education awakens greatness by first responding to the emotional and social needs of a child. Academic success is a byproduct of putting the person first.

Our family is Lutheran, however, we do not have a Lutheran school option in our small community. It is our feeling that as a community of faith, we need to be focusing more on our likenesses than our differences and stand strong together in the society we are living in. It has been important for us to send our children to a school that helps foster these Christian values on a daily basis in a setting where they can receive a high-quality education. We have been blessed through this experience.
- Parent

To Serve Others

Catholic teaching includes a commitment to serve the less fortunate. At Catholic school, we not only educate students about that commitment in the classroom, we demonstrate it outside of the classroom, too.

Our children understand that a great school only happens when people come together to serve a higher purpose whether volunteering at masses, clean-up after activities, raising money for various causes, helping at different school events and participating in community involvement day; all of these service activities are about being part of a great community whose mission is to develop Christian leaders who empower others, promote justice, and initiate change.
- Parent
Catholic School Awaken Greatness
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The Archdiocese of Omaha Schools admit students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.