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At the Archdiocese of Omaha, we believe that all families who want to provide their children with a Catholic education should have the opportunity. To this end, financial aid is available from a number of private and parish-based programs. This aid is not required to be repaid. It is not a loan, but rather a direct reduction in the amount of tuition owed.

over $10 million in financial aid was awarded last year to families throughout northeast Nebraska.

Elementary School

At elementary schools in the Omaha metro area, most families address tuition through payments over ten months’ time. Without financial assistance, the average monthly payment is about $240 per month per child. Considering the cost over the course of a full year, the expense is about $7 per day.

Tuition varies by school and tuition payments for elementary students are typically lower outside of the Omaha metro area for elementary school students.

Financial aid is available to families from the Children's Scholarship Fund as well as parish based programs for parishioners. In 2015- 2016, Children's Scholarship Fund awarded more than $2.6 million to private and Catholic School families throughout Omaha and northeast Nebraska. When you call or visit a Catholic School, please ask about tuition assistance programs and visit the Children's Scholarship Fund Omaha web site for more information about their program or call (402) 819-4990.

Children's Scholarship Fund Omaha is an independent K-8 scholarship granting organization that provides financial aid options for qualifying families and is not an agency of the Archdiocese of Omaha.

High School

Catholic high school prepares your child for a major step in advancing their education that will affect their entire lifetime. On the high school level, monthly tuition rates, without financial assistance, may average about $950 per month. Catholic high schools offer a variety of tuition assistance programs including direct aid and service hour programs that offset tuition. Most schools award financial assistance to families in need. Some families, based on need, could pay as little as $100 per month for high school tuition. In addition, the Omaha Archdiocese Education Foundation provides funding for scholarships for secondary students, both at Omaha and northeast Nebraska high schools. When you visit or call a Catholic high school, please ask about tuition assistance programs. Our schools want to help you make an important decision that will affect your child for their lifetime.  

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While everyone in the Catholic school community understands the tremendous sacrifice it is to offer a Catholic education to your children, Catholic school may be one of the best investments you ever make in your family.

Because tuition costs vary slightly from school to school, families interested in tuition assistance are strongly encouraged to call their local school and speak to the principal. Additional information on financial aid can be obtained by calling the Superintendent of Schools at (402) 557-5600 or click 'Contact Us' to complete a form and reach us via email.


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