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A more complete education. A more complete person.

At Catholic school, academic achievement in the classroom alone does not define success. In fact, success requires teaching to both the mind and the heart. In this way, your child is uniquely enriched by a more complete educational service at Catholic school.

You’ll discover that we teach the biggest subjects in our K-12 classrooms. Subjects like Faith, Character, Discipline, Kindness, Values, Honesty and Confidence, to name a few. These are enduring lessons that last a lifetime.

Choose a learning environment that’s demanding, welcoming and Christ-centered. Let Catholic school awaken greatness in your child.

A Letter from Our Superintendent

Dr. Michael W. Ashton - Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Omaha
Dr. Michael W. Ashton
Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Omaha

Hello one and all,

The mission of every Catholic school in our archdiocese is to awaken the God-given greatness in each child we teach. We uniquely achieve this by teaching to a student’s mind and a student’s heart.

Today, success in school is often defined by daily grades, graduation rates and standardized test scores. If those indeed are the metrics of success, then Catholic school is doing tremendously.

Our test scores are significantly higher than state and national averages. Our high school graduation rates are consistently above 98%—this includes graduates of inner-city schools where over 68% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch and over 72% are from immigrant and/or minority populations. And finally, over 96% of all Catholic high school graduates enroll in colleges, universities or other post-secondary institutions.

98% of students at catholic high schools graduate.

96% of grads of catholic high schools Enroll in post-secondary institutions.

But are those achievements enough? As a parent, are academic excellence, high school graduation and college attendance enough? Or do you want more for your child?

Catholic education, amidst all its academic success, puts the primary focus of education somewhere else—on the very heart of the student. Strong grades, high standardized test scores and attending a first-choice college or university mean very little if discipline, confidence and values are not present.

Our teachers, administrators and priests are committed to cultivating every student’s social and emotional confidence. Girls and boys thrive in a respectful, Christ-centered environment as they prepare to take their place in society as responsible, faith-filled citizens.

Academic success is important in any school community, but it is meaningless if the greater needs of the student are not afforded primary attention. Catholic education truly awakens greatness in your child: in mind, body and spirit. We invite you to be a part of this community. Schedule a tour and enroll today!

Catholic School Awaken Greatness
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The Archdiocese of Omaha Schools admit students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.